How To: Find Your Life Path Number & Joined Life Path Number

How To Find Your Joined Life Path Number

Twins love numerology. Me too! So, here is how to find your joined number. This is a super fun exercise you can share with your twin! Or surprise your friends.

Here's how...

Take your birthdate & add it up. Keep on adding until you get to a SINGLE DIGIT between 1-9.

Example: February 4, 1974 would add up like this: 02+04+1+9+7+4=9.

Next, do the same with your twin's date of birth. My twin is May 23, 1957. This adds to the single digit of 5. 5+23+1+9+5+7=5.

Remember we are not including the master numbers here, only the basic life path numbers. Add until you reach a single digit.

Now, take your single digit and add it to your twin's digit. These will be your Life Path Numbers, these single digits, and together you'll likely have a double number. Example: I'm a Life Path 9 and my twin is a 5. Add 5+9=14.

Now you'll add to a single digit one final time. Example: 1+4=5.

The final single digit is your Joined Life Path Number.

You'll notice that our joined Life Path Number (the 5) is also his Life Path Number. This is a synchronization that sometimes happens in Twin Flames. Not to worry. If you add to one of your life path numbers it just means the person whose number you end up with is the leader in the union is all it means. Many twins end up with a joined life path that's one of the original life path numbers. This is ridiculously common so don't worry.

So, what does this joined path mean?

If you read the numerology, you'll see synchronization in your life path numbers and your divine mission you share together. For example if your number shows you're very creative, this could mean that your mission will have to do with creative ideas.

This is a fun exercise you can do with your twin (or with anyone) to share missions and have fun! ♡



Hi, so mine is 9 and his is 10. And thats 19 so 1+9 is 10. BUT does that mean its a 10 or should It be added to be a One? Help?


Hi, what is your joiner life path is number 9?
Mine being 6 and his 3

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