Triggers: What They Are & How To Deal With Them!

Twin Flame "Triggers" originally posted in 2015:

When you notice that the triggers bother you, as annoying as they may be, thank the universe for the gift of discernment that you're seeing them for what they are: triggers.

Triggers are anything such as a situation, a person, a noticed behavior or even a song that "triggers" negative thoughts and / or emotions at the time you experience whatever your trigger happens to be. We all have them, but they don't have to necessarily be a negative thing. In actuality, we can use our triggers to our advantage as opportunities to grow, learn and evolve spiritually, emotionally and on a soul level as well.

Triggers don't mean "something bad is happening." Triggers are your map as the cartographer of your journey. Triggers help you get over past wounds, help you learn virtue such as patience, and help you see clearly.

That all said, triggers can go from little irritants or painful moments to a great opportunity to grow. It's all about how you look at the triggers.

What to do when triggers really get to you:
1. See and acknowledge that trigger!
2. Verbally identify the trigger.
3. Do a grounding exercise.
4. Step back away from the trigger.
5. Finally, ask what you can learn from it.
6. Accept the trigger as a learning experience.
7. Write the trigger & your growth in your journal.
8. You can revisit the trigger later for positive reinforcement.

Once you begin to see these triggers as opportunity to grow and learn, you'll see them in a very different light. ♡

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