Cosmic Cradle: When Your Past Life Memories Haunt You


If one uses logic, it's easy to deduce that twin flames have had past lives as the same person. The soul in twins is split into 2 bodies (hence the term twins) so, any past lives would have been as the same human being. This explains a lot as to why twins attract and repel one another so intensely.

I think it was Plato who said it best: "The soul is split into two halves; in part a male and a female, to be rejoined." He said a lot more, but you get the basic idea. So, how does one contemplate a past life experience as one person?

If 2 halves live and reside in 2 separate bodies, when they join again, the soul becomes one. During the reconnection phase, we call this the "journey." During the journey, we grow as individuals and get through all the past life stuff we've brought forward in this lifetime.

Who or what were you? What did you learn then, and in the final incarnation, what will your mission be?

Some of us actually REMEMBER CLEARLY the past lives. Sometimes we remember snippets and sometimes we remember full excerpts of our souls' experiences. There's a wonderful book called Cosmic Cradle that those of you who remember will enjoy very much. If you can, I suggest reading it when you get a chance.

There was a man in India who had carried a "memory" his whole life. His memory is of being nothing but a tiny point of consciousness. He was given choice by the higher power. He remembered traveling as a tiny point of light, down through the cosmos to find a happy couple walking through a market, holding hands and singing. The woman was pregnant. This man chose this couple as his parents at that moment. He went to his parents as an adult and shared his memory. The parents looked at him in awe because when the mother was 4 months pregnant, they were coming from a wedding and walked through the street market that was described, holding hands and singing. This man told his parents the song he heard them singing. The parents corroborated the story and validated that event.

It sounds wild but it is a true story. Many of us have vivid memories we can't explain. If you have a memory you can't explain, please do share it and look deeply for validation because you're not crazy. Your memory of your past life or of this soul experience is real. Look and you will find your validation. ♡

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