11 Effective Ways To Detox Negative Energies

We live in a world of duality, of Yin and Yang: the good and bad, the right and wrong. Positive versus Negative. We also reside in a huge world full of people who possess both positive and negative energies, and oftentimes it's not necessarily a healthy balance of both. Some folks seem to radiate mainly positive while others appear to literally embrace the negative. Regardless of what others happen to do or seem to relish in doing, we as proactive soul beings should ensure our own safety against the negative. That said, these are 10 simple, easy and effective methods that anyone can enjoy practicing to remove the negative, making ample room to invite the positive. 

I don't sell "energy cleansings" or "energy clearings." Or, Chakra cleansings or alignment for that matter. Why? Because for one thing, I'd be ripping off my valued friends and clients, that's why. Those things don't actually exist although there are plenty of people who believe they do and feel better when they buy such services. ENERGY IS ENERGY AND THEREFORE IT DOESN'T "GET DIRTY," nor does one's Aura, for that matter. When we say "remove negative energies," what we mean is actually to break up the energy it's self and to transform it. The person whose energy needs to be transformed into positive MUST COMPLETE SAID TASK THEMSELVES. (Don't worry, it's super easy and I'm going to teach you how!) Energy cannot be "dissolved," like food down the garbage disposal however it can be transformed into something positive which one can use to their advantage, such as composting said garbage into new soil for the garden. Energetic HEALING though, does exist and this is one form of healing one's energy. 

While the majority of people experience at least a few of the following symptoms during their lifetime, the sudden onset of these symptoms can point to negative energies. Energy cannot be dissolved or "removed," however it can transform. 

Energies in general can come from almost anything. Energy behaves in a similar way to a rain cloud as it travels across the sky, as does karma. Our proverbial cloud travels along with us and collects more of it's self (energy or karma) as it goes along. If there is more positive energy than negative, this positive energy can override any negative and transform into more positive energy. If there's lots of fear and sadness in our cloud, then our cloud will have a harder time transforming the negative energy into positive and might collect more negative. Eventually, as all clouds do, it must rain. This is true of both energies and karma.

Does this mean that you've done something wrong or that Lady Karma is stalking you? Perhaps, but this is doubtful. Karma does exist, and Lady karma is a fair and righteous woman, I can assure you. However, Karma typically visits us in a different area in our lives than we expect. Karma can visit you but she will do so in a different area of your life, usually unrelated to the area through which we messed-up. If I don't pay my bills, Lady karma might visit me in the area of my interpersonal relationships, for example. 


- A sudden onset of chronic fatigue or feeling physically and mentally drained, even though you're well-rested.

- Cold spots or areas in the home that are oddly cold or excessively warm without explanation and seeing "shadow people" in the corner of your eye or seeing shadows that move without logical explanation.

- The sudden onset of sleep issues including frightening lucid dreams, vivid bad dreams, a "bad trip" during sleeping astral projection, sleep paralysis, insomnia or hypersomnia. 

- The inability to stay in a certain room or part of the home for very long. This can also occur in any structure such as buildings; i.e., one's place of employment.

- The sudden onset of chronic mental confusion or the inability to concentrate.

- Your electronic devices suddenly go on the fritz, lots of unexplained error messages, dropped calls even though the reception is clear, emails that bounce back for no reason and WiFi signal suddenly dropping then returning over and over again even though your service provider shows a strong signal going to you.

- The sudden onset of otherwise positive interpersonal relationships becoming toxic, uncomfortable or the sudden inability to get along with those around you. Perhaps you're feeling way more sensitive than you usually should and have become prone to bouts of crying as a result of being triggered more easily than usual, without logical explanation. 

- The sudden onset of depression though you're not clinically depressed.

- Lost items: wallet, phone, keys, personal items you were just handling seem to disappear into thin air and then return in an illogical and unexpected location where you (know) that you did not place the item.

- Sudden onset of impulsive or irrational thinking or behaviors, especially with a focus on negative things, situations or people.

- An increase in phobias or paranoid thinking including engaging in thoughts that are out of character for you.

- Sudden loss of interest in life and happiness in general. You no longer see the glass as being "half full" or that every cloud has a silver lining.

- A sudden loss of interest in self-love: you stop keeping house and allow your surroundings to become cluttered or dirty, you lose interest in personal hygiene or loss of interest in your usual daily activities.

- You notice that the atmosphere around you or in a certain location seems "heavy," or downright negative and off-putting, as though a rain cloud is following you. This symptom can also manifest as a series of negative events or disappointments that seems out of your control. The old "when it rains, it pours" concept comes to mind.


As we previously discussed, we cannot "dissolve" energy. Energy exists all around us and it cannot be removed or dissolved however energy can be transformed. And, the good news is that it's a lot easier to transform your negative energy than you might think! Once transformed, it can bring about many wonderful changes and shifts ranging from healing to positive luck to manifestation of your most fantastic desires...

1. SET INTENTIONS. They say that thought is power and this statement is accurate and correct. If we maintain fear in our minds and hearts, we will only attract more of the same. When we have pure intentions based in the positive, we are able to embrace positive energies.

2. LIBERAL USE OF SALT & SAGE: One can burn sage using smudge sticks, grow it in the garden, cook with it and sprinkle it. Salt calms negative energies and entities and sage is cleansing in the sense that it has transforming properties. One can sprinkle a bit of salt and sage around the perimeter of the home or property for protection. A wonderful process is to sprinkle a bit of dried sage and salt in each corner of the home, open your windows systematically inviting in the positive, wait a few days and sweep up the sage and salt mixtures once it has collected the negative in and around your home, wrap in a white cloth and throw it away, off the property. 

3. BRICK DUST: Cleanse and charge a (new) red brick by rinsing it in purified or holy water and sitting it in the sun (and moonlight if available) for 3 days. Once your brick is completely dry, it's ready. Using a hammer, break the brick into dust which should be easy to do now that it's charged. sprinkle the brick dust outside or inside the home at all windows (such as the sills) and main entry and exits. This protects from negativity and from anyone who means you harm. 

4. SOUND: Using certain sounds can assist in the process of breaking up energy. This is especially effective if energy has accumulated in certain areas of the home. Playing drum beats yourself works just fine. If you don't own drums, you can place crystals or copper pennies inside a jar and use a piece of cloth to replace the jar's lid, and shake the jar, or you could even play some shamanic drum beats as background music for your home. 

5. LIGHT A CANDLE: The most preferred is a white candle for inviting the positive, protective energy. You can even carve your name, initials or date of birth into the candle wax, anywhere on the candle (and that of those who live with you.) Say a prayer of protection each time you light it and keep it in the heart of the home.

6. WATER: Filling a clear glass of water (purified or holy water is best) and placing it in the home will attract any negativity. Water symbolizes power and you're taking power over your own energies. As far as where to place your water is up to you, however it should be symbolic of your intentions. For example, if you've been riddled with bad dreams, place the water under the bed or near where you sleep. If negative energy is especially intense in a certain area of your home, then place your glass there.

7. PINE: Fresh cuttings of pine or pine with sage are great cleansers. Place your cuttings in a glass of water and keep it alive as long as you can. This attracts the negative and transforms it into the positive through a living thing. You can even use your water glass for the "vase" as listed above.

8. RUNES: The runes of protection can be placed in and around your home. One trick my shaman taught me is that if someone is intentionally hurting you, you can write their name (and birth date if you have it) on a small piece of paper and place the paper face down on a table with the runes of protection face up on top. If you don't own runes, you can cleanse and charge stones and make your own. There are many websites with the images and instructions on rune work.

9. PROTECTION PRAYERS: The rule of thumb here is that these should be said aloud and in one's own words, preferably. There are many different options (look them up, you'll see) and use a basic template of one that calls to you. Say this upon waking and before bed, always giving gratitude to God for your existence and with intention to do His positive work. Again, these can be recited aloud at the time of candle lighting as well.

10. CLEANSING SALT BATHS: Epsom salts, sea salts, lavender and sage all combine for a wonderful bath. There are many different other oils or roots you can add to your bath which help cleanse and relax the body, mind and spirit. Choose a combination that you feel most drawn to and make the recipe yourself. I have a friend who does this all the time and says she can actually feel the negativity leaving her body and transforming into positive as she embraces that positive.

11. DRINKS: Sage, salt and lemon or even apple cider vinegar are my favorites, as they are detoxifying and generally cleansing for the body (so long as your taste buds and tummy can handle it!) There are countless variations out there so choose one that feels right for you. 

Remember, whatever tip you choose to try, these work best in combination with one another. Choose the one(s) that call to you. And always, always have your intentions set in the right place each time you use them. 

Blessings xo



Tip about the runes how do you do that and where do you get them also for the sage and salt mix can you use sage that’s the spice since it’s small?


Thank you so much for posting this!!! Your articles are helping and teaching me so much. Ive actually seen the “shadow people” from time to time (last time was a few weeks ago). Im no longer afraid. Just tonight I cleansed the negative energy with a song that touched my heart chakra! I cant wait for my appointment with you! Im so excited!

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