11:11 (November 11, 2016) - THE BIG SHIFT IS COMING FAST!

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Veteran's Day? International Singles day? What's YOUR Day?

THE DATE 11/11/2016 = 11+11+1+1+1+6 = 13 = 1+3=4=11:11
IN NUMEROLOGY, NOV 11TH, 2016 = 11:11

On one of the popular shopping websites, Aliexpress, they're already celebrating the 11:11. Of course, this is in reference to Veteran's Day which is celebrated on November 11, 2016. November 11th is also International Singles Day, so even PayPal is celebrating the date of November 11th by having a giveaway of $1,111! (Woot!) And for many, their birthday happens to be November 11th, so there will be many, many birthday celebrations too. (Woot, yet again!) Twin Flames like to recognize the date of November 11th as a date that signifies the "11:11" to remind them of their romantic partner. The Universe also sends the 11's and the 11:11 to people as Universal Messages. These "11's" will appear and follow souls when there is a message being delivered. The more one runs from the 11's, the more the 11's will follow and appear to you.

Many people believe that the 11's appear as messages, but not many understand what they actually mean. In all cases, the 11 appears when there is a message being delivered. Many believe the 11 is an angel number (then again, if you happen to look more carefully, ALL NUMBERS are "angel numbers") so this can leave a person a bit confused as to what the 11 actually means to them.

The 11 or the 1:1 or the 11:11 will appear each time there is an important message being delivered. If you choose to ignore the message and not receive it, the 11's will chase you until you decide to pay attention.

1st appearance of the 11:
"Hey, you! PAY ATTENTION! There's a message being delivered! Look around you so you can find the message!"

Subsequent appearances of the 11's:
"Um, I've sent you this message over and over. Apparently, you have decided to ignore it. So, I'll just keep on sending these 11's until one day you decide to pay attention and follow to the correct path. Here you go.. 11, 11, 1:11, 11:11, 1, 111, 11111111," and so on.

The 11's can serve as a sort of GPS to your correct path when followed.

Those who choose to not follow their messages will be in a sense, chased by the number. It will manifest and manifest often, until the soul breaks down and finally agrees to open their mind and receive the important message.

11's can also serve as a road map to your destiny. The more you see them, the more you need to turn around and pay attention to them. If a soul ignores the 11's to the extreme, the Universe will begin sending OTHER numbers as well to try and get your attention, which can become very confusing for the soul on the receiving end of the numbers. The Universe will typically use numbers that hold some level of importance to you in order to get your attention. You'll see anything from dates to sequences of repeating numbers, often in addition to the 11's -in more extreme attempts to gain your attention.

That said, please do follow your numbers. They are appearing for a reason: to deliver important messages, and to create a road map to your destiny.

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