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"Helena saw right into my soul and gave the confirmation I needed. She's the real deal! She was able to see the issues my soul twin was going through and offered advices on what I could do on my part to help my situation along and get the relationship with him I deserve."

Jennifer Drake

"I'm absolutely floored! And kind of freaked out. I had my reading yesterday afternoon and she shocked me coming up with stuff there was no way she could've known. It was like she was reading my mind! Maybe she was. It wasn't just a few things that resonated, she told me the names of people I know and described details of things that have happened only I would know right down to the words they spoke. And she described my feelings perfectly. I kept freaking out at the things she said and she kept having to remind me it was a psychic reading when I asked her how she knew this stuff! I've never had an experience like this in my life."

Courtney R. Evans

"just wow! After talking with Helena it all makes sense. Had two readings so far and I'm a believer. Customer service was also helpful and compassionate."

Albert L.

"Hi Helena, Things for me are still going great just like you predicted! I took your advice and used the message you wrote word for word like you recommended and he did just as you said he would! We're going out on the 9th! I can't thank you enough."

Sasha Katz

"Things are still going great and he texted and he used the exact same words you said he'd use so I followed your directions and I responded with the message you wrote for me to send him and we have plans to go out on a real date this weekend I'm excited thank you."


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