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"Hands down, THE BEST, most COMPASSIONATE, yet STRAIGHTFORWARD advisor I have spoken to! Thank you Helena for your TIME." 


"I contacted her about a relationship issue and was blown away by her accuracy. When things went as she said they would, I followed the advice she'd given me. I couldn't be happier."

Tom S.

"Everything she told me has come true. Very legit reading and she’s so very sweet. You’ll feel her kind energy as much as she’ll feel your. Highly recommend."

Michelle G.

"I followed Helena's advice and things for me are much easier I've learned how to reduce my stress."

C. A.

"Helena is the best one out there yet! I would recommend her to anyone who wants life and spiritual coaching. I chose to follow her advices and I am in a happy place right now. She has this calming and soothing effect on me, and I couldn't asked for anyone better. I had a few sessions with her and every single one has been outstanding!"

Beverly G.

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Helena Roman has a dedicated media team through A.T. Paragon Media. For media inquiries including authorship, ghost writing, commentary, speaking engagements and other opportunities, please contact Alex at sales@sagestyle.net or Helena's agent, Sandra Staplefeld at info@sagestyle.net