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"Helena saw right into my soul and gave the confirmation I needed. She's the real deal! She was able to see the issues my soul twin was going through and offered advices on what I could do on my part to help my situation along and get the relationship with him I deserve."

Jennifer Drake

"Hands down, THE BEST, most COMPASSIONATE, yet STRAIGHTFORWARD advisor I have spoken to! Thank you Helena for your TIME." 


"I contacted her about a relationship issue and was blown away by her accuracy. When things went as she said they would, I followed the advice she'd given me. I couldn't be happier."

Tom S.

"Everything she told me has come true. Very legit reading and she’s so very sweet. You’ll feel her kind energy as much as she’ll feel your. Highly recommend."

Michelle G.

"I followed Helena's advice and things for me are much easier I've learned how to reduce my stress."

C. A.

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